Essex Dog Training Centre

Est. 1979

"Voted Britain's Best

Dog Training Facility"

EDTC HRH-Tilly Firehoop - Copy

Over 34 years ago, and now the longest established Dog Display Team, we set the standard that all dog display teams strive to achieve. Never a team to rest on its laurels, we are always looking to enhance the already thrilling display.


Any club member is welcome to try for a position in the team and if successful, you and your dog will be part of the team that has a really enjoyable time as it travels to events throughout ththe British Isles.  


Full commitment is expected from each team member, but in return, you will be a part of the display team that is generally regarded as the “premier dog display team in Great Britain and Europe”.


For more information please visit The Essex Dog Display Team website.

tony Charlie Tiff bike Teddy hoop