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Monday evening classes deal with dogs that have aggressive issues or have become anti-social.


There are many forms of aggression and anti-social behaviour which can include fear related, territorial, sexual aggression and genetic.  


Many dogs with an aggressive behaviour pattern can be taught to accept people and other dogs providing the owner/handler is given the correct instruction. There is no quick fix to solving aggression problems and times will vary before you see an improvement.


Getting the best out of this type of dog is not domination, it is about interrupting or not allowing anti-social behaviour to take place. Throwing dogs on the floor and holding in a so-called submissive position is very counter-productive, the person doing the holding will very likely get bitten and why not!! If you were in a similar position, you would instinctively want to defend yourself as would your dog. Telling a dog off after the deed has taken place is also counter-productive.


If you are unsure of the degree of aggression of your dog and whether your dog needs to be in this class, please feel free to call 01277 375131 or email first. (Please remember that your dogs temperament cannot be assessed over the telephone we would need to see your dog at a training session).


All dogs that enter this class will have to be muzzled to ensure

that injury is not incurred to people or other dogs. The type of muzzle

we recommend would be a basket type, generally known as the

Baskerville muzzle. Your local pet shop could advise you on this.


Many dogs with aggressive and antisocial behaviour can improve tremendously and in doing so can be integrated into general training classes, but of course there is never any guarantee that every dog will improve.


If your dog falls into this category, please contact us by email or phone beforehand as a separate appointment may be necessary.


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